The Happy Poop

The happy poop plopped down on the grass bed. It was such a relief to be free, such a grand relief that the happy poop radiant its happiness all around. A swarm of flies soon came to celebrate. Each would land and take a piece, to print happiness all around. A squirrel cautiously inched every closer to the happy poo. It didn’t join in the party, yet was happy, for a poo being free is always grand. A cloud far above saw all of that and gently curtsied out the way; to let the sun see as well. Warmth covered the poo, which got happier and radiated even more. In the distance a hound caught its happiness and galloped towards the poo. Such was the happiness that the little hound, named Richie, grabbed to happy poo and gently carried it in its mouth. It was glorious, Richie wanted to show the happy poo to his friend - Almond - another hound, but older and wiser. When the two hounds met, they rejoiced, for a poop is always a cause for happiness, and this being a happy poop as well, it was all around happier than ever. Alas, happiness can’t last forever. A human came along, patted both Richie and Almond on their heads, but as soon as the poo came to focus, the human grabbed it with a paper towel, wrapped it good, placed it in a plastic bag, tied a particularly tight knot. The human sniffed the bag and could still sense the happiness radiating, so placed it in another bag, and the another, repeated until the happiness was all but trapped, then threw the packaged poop in a container full of happiness. The poo was no longer happy though. It could not share its happiness around, the layers of plastic would separate it from all sort of other happiness for the rest of time. The poo sighed. At least parts of it would see the world. Deep inside it, a demon laughed, its demonic mission was complete.