The most beautiful mess I can perceive

I like going into crowds, crowds of any size, kind and purpose. Some days I may go into a lush forest to experience the slow determination of trees. At the same time I might focus on a bustling anthill or follow around a family of squirrels. Other days I venture in cities, full of people, each individual a universe of its own. And a crowd of people is the most beautiful mess I can perceive, it’s like a parade for all my senses.

I am not like every other person. I like look a human, yes, I speak like one too, I was born to human parents even, but the world is very different for me. I have all the senses a human might have and one additional that I am not aware of anybody else having. When I look at something, something living that is, I can gain a sense of their innermost nature. If I have to put in simplistic terms I can see the souls of the living. Yes, I know what happens to this essence when a living creature dies. It is equal parts majestic and disconcerting. I cannot say if the soul ceases to exist, it does a sort of dance and then stretches in all directions. I’d like to believe that the soul of the departed touches all others. I know what you’re thinking now.

Please. Do. Not. Ask. About. The. Babies.

I know the answer. I am never going to tell you. I don’t care who you are, believe me, you will hate the answer. I hate the answer.

Now, if I’ve left the impression that I spend my every waking minute observing the living, you’d be wrong. Do you spend all your time observing people. Probably not. Interactions are fun. I used to try to tell people, though nobody would believe me. And what’s to believe? The soul isn’t the end-all of your personality, it’s just the foundation. I cannot tell if person is good or bad just by seeing their soul. That’s why I simply enjoy the view, like looking at a majestic landscape.

I am traveling today. The airport is bustling with people. It is always a treat, a gentle massage to my senses. Let me tell you, there's such a thing as a traveler's soul, they have very distinct energy. I would call it a seeking energy. Their spirit is forever excited and restless, but they find calmness on the road. If I could see my own soul, I'm pretty sure that would be me as well.

Anyway, I found myself waiting in one of the airport's cafés. The flight was overdue 2 hours and counting. I was getting mildly annoyed and the four coffees which I had carelessly consumed weren't really helping me. Such overexcitement drove all my senses into overdrive. At a certain threshold it stops being majestic and becomes irritating and annoying, like the sun on a particularly hot summer's day. And some people's spirits were brighter than the sun, they could almost engulf me. A group of such people entered the coffee house. That was my cue to go to the restroom, particularly one far away.

I hurried out of the café and bade a zig zag through several shops until I reached a seemingly deserted corridor. There I saw something disconcerting. A man was lying on the ground, his limbs contorted into an unnatural pose. Squatting near him was a creature of some sort. It was dressed in a fancy suite but what I sensed from it was a deep emptiness. It gently stroked the fallen man who was slowly dying.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”, I managed to shout. The creature turned towards me. It had a startled look on its empty face, but as soon as it fixed on me its expression turned into a wide smile and it dashed towards me. The creature was rather quick and before I knew what was going on it had grabbed me and lifted me off the ground.

“I knew I wasn’t the last one, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.”, the creature danced around while holding me.