Across the debris

Across the debris

Kar Natan entered a room with low ceiling and dimmed light. In it several men were sitting. They were cleaning old guns. Every inch of the room was covered with parts of weapons, armors, explosives and every warfare instrument imaginable.

“You can throw these away.” Said cheery Kar. “The deal with the flandora was finalized; they agreed to buy their weapons from me at considerable price, believing they’re going to get the better stuff.”

The other men continued undisturbed. The oldest of them spoke, without stopping his work.

“We never throw our weapons. I don’t expect you to understand; after all you’re a trader, not a warrior.”

“All in due time, but I believe you can prepare these old things for the museums to show with what you began your rebellion…” Kar’s spoke gently, he knew it would be a mistake to provoke these people.

“Do not get me wrong, señor Kar, we are grateful for all the help you provided and are going to provide. We’re thankful to every deity that a man as you saw the justice of our cause and the brutality of our foe.”

“I always prefer to ally myself to the side that has the best chance of ruling wisely. In addition, I do like people of power to owe me small favors.” Kar grinned.

“You’re a wise man señor Kar. However, I believe that it is going to be better if you leave soon. We don’t want you to get caught in the crossfire or be executed if we lose.”

“I thought you’d be more suspicious if I’ve cheated you. How can you be sure I haven’t turned on you?”

“With or without you, señor Kar, we’re going to this final battle. With or without we will fight to the last man and if that isn’t enough no weapon, no tactic, no amount of people will aid us.”

“This is true, a bid you farewell, all that you need has been transported to the arranged site and here is the master key-card. Good luck, gentleman!”

Kar left the room and went straight to his ship. His business was complete. He had assured the victory of these people at the expense of their enemy. He also knew that their little war was not about to end with that last battle. No, they would divide and start fighting amongst themselves. They would call him repeatedly. And he would supply the side that was most likely to continue the conflict until someone realises his little game, but by then his profit would be so great he could easily buy the entire planet or the entire star system. This thought made him happy.

When he reached the ship, Laila greeted him. She was his partner. She was his co-pilot. Oh, and she was his wife. She was the full package – everything a man like him can dream. She was beautiful. She was witty, smart even. She liked the risky life and loved what they did. She also had a big heart, big enough to love and to tolerate the most gruesome things imaginable. She loved him too and he loved her.

“So, what happened?” she demanded almost immediately.

“Everything is going as planned, milady.” He smiled.


“Now, let’s get out of here.”

They stepped into the ship and flew towards the stars. Minutes after they departed something strange began to happen. The planet below started to cover in flames and began to fell apart. Kar’s ship increased velocity and escaped the blast, but the planet was destroyed.

“I didn’t sell them that!” were the only words that Kar could speak. The two remained silent for a very long time – all the way to their home and it was a very long and silent trip. They both wondered what had happened. Was it their fault? At last Laila spoke.

“Do you think we should retire, now?” Kar could not believe his years. The risk-taking, adventurous and hardcore wife he had was thinking of giving up. Though it had crossed his mind, but he never believed she would agree.

“May be...” Laila was surprised.

The couple unloaded the ship and started planning their lives ahead.

On two separate and secret screens in the ship flickered a bright red message that was identical in almost every way...

“Mission successful, planet destruction achieved...”

“Everything is going as planned, milady!” He smiled.

“Indeed.” She nodded.